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HTC has always committed itself to innovation and being on the cutting edge of technology. We strive to constantly bring that same motivation to esports bvy staying at the forefront of the industry. We're happy to have lead the charge as one of the first non-endemic companies to sponsor esports teams, and continue to invest in the arena of esports by hosting tournaments, producing content with our players, and interacting with the community. Our team's history as genuine esports enthusiasts allows us to focus our efforts on crafting experiences we know other fans are looking for.


HTC Gaming is HTC’s way of connecting with the vast industry of gaming and esports. As one of the first non-endemic brands to enter the esports space, HTC Gaming proudly sponsors top professional gaming organizations TSM, FaZe Clan, and J Team. The team also heads up the HTC Vive Ambassador Program, a program built to empower the VR community and its content creators with the necessary HTC Vive hardware and software to bring VR content to life. HTC Gaming also produces curated gaming and influencer focused content showcased on YouTube.

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