We have already brisked through the first quarter of the 2018 year. Who’s rising and who’s falling? Let’s examine the top players in this edition of the quarterly power rankings.

As a quick disclaimer, a power rankings focuses much more on recent performances as opposed to long legacies, and we will focus on everything from the beginning of the However, the spring quarter has been unusually sparse in tournaments, so some considerations were made with respect to how players performed in the later stages of 2017.

For this period, here is a head to head chart that goes to April 4, 2018.

Tier 1: The Clear Favorite

1. Hungrybox

(SSBMRANK2017: #1)

Not much needs to be said about Hungrybox’s 2018. Sans Genesis 5, he’s won everything in dominant fashion. Even Genesis 5 was close and things may have panned out differently had Hungrybox not allowed Plup to go to Pokemon Stadium twice in their final set. Since then, he’s dominated every bracket and holds a big advantage in records against everyone.

Tier 2: The Contenders

2. Plup

(SSBMRANK2017: #5)

3. Leffen

(SSBMRANK2017: #6)

4. Armada

(SSBMRANK2017: #2)

The Melee universe cheered when Plup finally overcame his demon and won Genesis 5. Since then, he holds steady at a solid no. 2 after multiple second-place performances to Hungrybox. Despite the full-time Dragon Ball FighterZ memes, Leffen performed solidly with a win at Valhalla where he double eliminated Armada and an underrated run at Genesis 5 where he defeated both Armada and Mango. Armada remained rather quiet this quarter but holds steady in this tier of players. This has arguably been his worst stretch of performances in years, but expect him to bounce back soon.

Tier 3: The Dark Horse Candidates

5. Mango

(SSBMRANK2017: #3)

6. Mew2King

(SSBMRANK2017: #4)

7. Wizzrobe

(SSBMRANK2017: #8)

Mango and Mew2King hold steady as the gatekeepers for upcoming players with their storied legacies and strong consistency against the players ranked below. Mango did roughly what was expected of him in 2018 with his performances at Full Bloom 4 and Genesis 5. Mew2King slumped uncharacteristically outside of Canada Cup with some unusual losses at Genesis 5 and EGLX. Wizzrobe is a new addition to this tier with his godlike consistency against everyone ranked below him, only losing sets to n0ne, aMSa, and L from Norcal in the past six months.

Tier 4: The Fan-Favorite Mid Tier Mains that Somehow Still Perform in 2018

8. aMSa

(SSBMRANK2017: #24)

9. Axe

(SSBMRANK2017: #7)

A lack of attendance has hurt aMSa’s rank in the past, but now it’s time to give aMSa a well-deserved bump after his all-around performances in 2018. In this time span, he’s taken sets off of Mew2King, Axe, and Wizzrobe. At this point, it’s tough to dismiss aMSa as a gimmick as even the top players are struggling to pin down the fan favorite Yoshi main. Axe started the year with an impressive Top 8 performance at Genesis 5, but he has slowed down since then with relatively poor performances at Full Bloom 4 and EGLX.

Tier 5: Above The Rat Race For Now...

10. SFAT

(SSBMRANK2017: #9)

11. Crush

(SSBMRANK2017: #15)

12. Zain

(SSBMRANK2017: #22)

13. s2j

(SSBMRANK2017: #10)

It’s easy to criticize SFAT for his occasional lackluster performances, but people forget to look at his overall resume, which remains consistent both at the local and national level. Crush and Zain are two newcomers that continue to impress in 2018 with great placements and equally great head to head resumes. s2j cooled off a bit since his stellar 2017 campaign, but still has consistent enough performances to belong in this tier.

Tier 6: The Usual Suspects

14. Lucky

(SSBMRANK2017: #17)

15. HugS

(SSBMRANK2017: #23)

16. n0ne

(SSBMRANK2017: #20)

17. Duck

(SSBMRANK2017: #14)

Here we have the list of players that have demonstrated solid showings in 2018. Lucky and HugS made Dignitas proud with their Top 8 finishes at Genesis 5. HugS continues to defy expectations as he continues to play at a relative peak that we have never seen in the past decade. N0ne spent most of his time outside of tournaments but finished off the quarter with a nice performance at Full Bloom 4 where he guaranteed himself a spot into the upcoming Smash Summit. Duck rounds out this tier with steady performances that put him slightly ahead of the players below.

Tier 6.5: The Usual Suspects With A Dash Of Inconsistency

18. Swedish Delight

(SSBMRANK2017: #16)

19. Shroomed

(SSBMRANK2017: #13)

20. Ryan Ford

(SSBMRANK2017: #32)

21. Westballz

(SSBMRANK2017: #18)

22. La Luna

(SSBMRANK2017: #19)

23. lloD

(SSBMRANK2017: #26)

24. Syrox

(SSBMRANK2017: #33)

25. PewPewU

(SSBMRANK2017: #21)

The ordering of the list becomes tricky to navigate at this point where most of these players have a mix of solid and questionable performances. Swedish Delight struggled for most of 2018 until he nicely rounded out the quarter by winning The Mango. Shroomed, Westballz, and La Luna hold on to their spots with decent Top 20 wins that somewhat forgive the occasional random upsets. Ryan Ford, lloD, and Syrox solidify their spots in the Top 25 with consistent placings and Top 25 level wins. PewPewU rounds out this list with a good showing at Holiday Bash along with a reasonable performance at Full Bloom 4.

Honorable Mentions

KJH, Trif, ChuDat

Unfortunately, the first quarter was light in large tournaments, but the next quarter brings some excitement with Smash Summit and CEO along with the return of regional sized events such as Flat Iron. Some players take it easy during the winter season and go back to the grind as the larger summer events hit. Look forward to seeing the veteran players return to form along with a few new surprises up ahead. We could see a big turnaround for former Top 10-15 players such as PewPewU, Shroomed, and La Luna, and also an uptick in activity from our international players such as Professor Pro, Trif, and Ice.

Article written by Tafokints