We've had years of SSBMRank for singles, but there's never been love for teams. We're changing that this year and introducing an annual Top 10 doubles team rankings, but let's lay some ground rules first. To avoid having the same players fill the list, a team must have played in at least three regional sized events to qualify, and each individual player is limited to a maximum of two teams. Fortunately, the FUSE circuit made it so most top players stayed consistent with their teammates. Before we start the list, I need to commend @gimmedatwheat for compiling the data needed to make the list.

Druggedfox & Macd


1st socal colosseum 7

3rd ceo dreamland

4th full bloom 3

5th fuse season 1 finale

5th eden

7th genesis 4

The classic Fox and Peach combo kicks off the list with Druggedfox and MacD. As a team, they finished consistently in the top 8 and even fifth at the FUSE Doubles Circuit Finals. The team can flex many different options, even letting MacD play a non-traditional aggressive role as the Peach, while Druggedfox supports as Fox. If Druggedfox is running hot, he can take initiative as MacD plays support and holds extra stocks. Both players have a keen sense for positioning and it’s hard to get clean hits against one of them without seeing a trade for damage immediately after.

Hungrybox & ChuDat


1st DreamHack Denver

4th GTX 2017

4th The Big House 7

In dire need of a teammate, Hungrybox called upon his fellow Team Liquid member ChuDat to finish out the year, and they made it work. In unorthodox fashion, they have made Ice Climbers and Jigglypuff work together to some degree of success, winning DreamHack Denver and finishing 4th at The Big House 7, defeating Mew2King and Plup along the way. Despite the unusual team composition, their Jigglypuff and Ice Climbers work by minimizing their character’s weaknesses. Hungrybox controls the air space and forces the other team to maneuver around ChuDat who functions as a lava pit with grounded smash attacks and grabs. ChuDat can help Hungrybox by providing stocks and working the stage, so that the other team has to confront Hungrybox in exchanges that often go in their favor. Hungrybox can play in the air, and cover full hops, an area that Ice Climbers can’t cover very well.

Hungrybox & Mew2king


1st Saints Gaming Live

1st Tampa Never Sleeps 7

2nd Smash Rivalries

2nd CEO Dreamland

5th fuse season 1 finale

5th genesis 4

The longstanding top team finally came to an end, but they still achieved a lot in the year with a standout performance at Smash Rivalries where they defeated PewFat and finished in second. Still, their individualistic skill has finally been matched by teams who have better synergy and teamwork, but their legacy should not be understated. If they ever want to team again, they still have a good skill base as two of the best individual players in the world.

Plup & Axe


3rd fuse season 1 finale

4th genesis 4

4th Smash N’ Splash 3

5th CEO Dreamland

The fan-favorite duo can flex an impressive array of team compositions as they both can play multiple characters at a high level. Against most teams, they can rely on their comfortable Sheik/Pikachu team where Pikachu takes the lead and Sheik plays support or they can even play Fox/Pikachu where Plup’s Fox takes the lead. Both players are especially daunting to play because of how quickly they throw hitboxes, especially around the ledge and near platforms. Once one of them find a hit, they are quick to add additional hits for quick damage, and let’s not forget how quickly Axe can gimp space animals with a simple back throw or up-tilt near the ledge.

Mango & Lucky


1st Smash Rivalries

3rd Smash Summit 4

9th Royal Flush (d/q)

The beloved Four-Leaf Mango is best described as having much more potential than their results may indicate because Mang0 refuses to play in most doubles events. The once-best team in the world still demonstrates its magic in 2017 with a win at Smash Rivalries where they defeated PewFat and Mew2King/Hungrybox, and the Norwalk duo also finished in third place at Smash Summit 4. With these wins, they show the potential to compete with the best teams in the world, but at the same time, blunders such as their ninth place exit at Royal Flush show their inconsistencies.

Shroomed & S2J


3rd Genesis: Red

3rd The Big House 7

3rd Full Bloom 3

3rd Royal Flush

3rd Smash N’ Splash 3

4th FUSE Season 1 Finale

4th Smash Rivalries

4th DreamHack Austin

5th Shine 2017

Shroomed and s2j are one of the few teams that make Sheik and Captain Falcon work as a team composition. At its core, it begins with Shroomed who can play aggressively with Sheik to approach and gain stage positioning. Then, you toss in s2j’s Falcon who can play around Shroomed’s combo starters by linking strong hits to confirm early kills. Both these players play incredibly fast and have a keen awareness with where they need to be at all times.The team does tend to fall apart against double space animal based teams, but this year they showed potential that they can still win the tougher matchups when they are both on point.

Mew2king & Plup


1st DreamHack Atlanta

2nd DreamHack Austin

2nd Smash Con 2017

2nd Smash Summit 5

3rd GTX 2017

5th The Big House 7

With Plup’s Fox picking up steam in the latter parts of 2016, it only made sense that Mew2King and Plup would eventually team. The team plays with the classic Fox/Sheik framework as Plup plays the aggressor as Fox and Mew2King sharks for stray hits and edgeguards as Sheik. Plup’s Fox is particularly difficult to play against as he can outmaneuver most opponents even in 1 vs. 2 situations. He has a knack for finding clean stray hits and outright wins most skirmishes in the 1 vs. 1, which means that heavy attention always has to be placed on Plup, while Mew2King has free reign to do whatever he wants. However, the strategy sometimes falls apart when Mew2King plays a little too far away from Plup to protect him from taking heavy damage. When the team plays close together, they are incredibly tough to beat.

Leffen & Ice



2nd Genesis 4

2nd Beast 7

2nd Smash Summit 4

2nd Royal Flush

1st Genesis: Red

7th FUSE Season 1 Finale (d/q)

3rd Shine 2017

5th Full Bloom 3 (sandbag)

Though they didn’t team much after August, Leffen and Ice put on a remarkable run this year with several Top 2 finishes, a winning record on PewFat, and multiple wins on Team UGS. Their double Fox team relies on its sheer speed to exploit the lack of mobility found in other characters. They use their mobility to force weaker characters to approach, but they also can play aggressive when the opportunity comes. Both Ice and Leffen are incredibly tough to hit in neutral, and if they find a combo starter, they can volleyball their opponents with back air and up air chains to rack up damage and even early kills. The team tends to struggle with unusual team compositions, but that’s due to Ice’s lack of familiarity with fighting characters such as Pikachu and Falco. Against more familiar characters, this team is an utter nightmare to deal with.

PewPewu & SFat


1st FUSE Season 1 Finale

1st Super Smash Con 2017

1st Shine 2017


1st CEO Dreamland

1st Pat’s House 3

2nd Smash ‘N’ Splash 3

2nd Genesis: Red

2nd GTX 2017

2nd The Big House 7

3rd Genesis 4

3rd Smash Rivalries

4th Smash Summit 4

Who puts in more work for this team? If you ask PewFat, both SFAT and PewPewU will give credit to one another for enabling the team to succeed. SFAT has a knack for supportive positioning while maintaining presence on the stage. Hungrybox once stated that teaming with SFAT was one of the funnest times he had in doubles because SFAT makes things so easy. He can win his one vs. one, but then quickly shift to add a hit or kill setup with his partner. Sometimes SFAT can fizzle out in longer sets, but his overall consistency makes him one of the premier doubles Foxes. PewPewU is one of the few players that utilizes Marth’s team strengths to his full ability. On defense, PewPewU is one of the toughest players to edgeguard and his movement also makes him generally really hard to hit. If he’s in trouble, he can stall long enough until SFAT comes to help, and he often finds kill setups and Ken combos from the most random hits. That’s the magic of this team though. You can have a close match blow wide open as they find multiple kills at low percents. They didn’t quite reach their goal of #1 this year, but they are always within reach of it for the future.

Armada & Android


1st Genesis 4

1st Beast 7

1st HFLAN Melee Edition 2017

1st Royal Flush

1st Smash ‘N’ Splash 3

1st Heir 4

1st Syndicate 2017

1st GTX 2017

1st The Big House 7

1st DreamHack Winter 2017

2nd Canada Cup 2017

2nd FUSE Season 1 Finale

3rd DreamHack Austin 2017

Team UGS wraps up this year’s top 10 as the Lindgren brothers made quite a journey in 2017. They were already in contention for the best team in the world at the beginning of the year when they won Genesis 4 and BEAST 7, but they only got better as the year progressed. They hit a low point at DreamHack Austin 2017 where they finished in third, losing to Mew2King and Plup, and also Mang0/SFAT, but they made big adjustments since then. Android was often seen as the weak link on the team, but his improvement in singles transferred over to doubles as he can now skirmish with the world’s best players in micro-situations. Combine this with Armada’s strengths as a player and you have a team that has very little holes. Armada and Android continue to hallmark what it means to play doubles, whether it’s their ability to read a situation three seconds early or always be within range to help support each other.

Article written by Tafokints