HTC Esports Website Launch

Welcome to the new home of high powered esports content

AUG 21, 2017

It’s been just over two years since we launched HTC Esports. In that time, we’ve sponsored four incredible teams, seen our players win championships, released a ton of videos, held our fair share of tournaments, and even changed our name to have an uppercase E. Today, we’re happy to take the next step into something a long time coming: the HTC Esports website.

We’ve long been a proponent of giving our fans, and the fans of the teams we sponsor, the things they actually want to see. We take pride in our team’s history not only as esports experts, but as members of the community. Each of us has our stories that inspired us to delve into this world in the first place, and we’ve used our experiences to try to make content that we ourselves would want to see for the games and players we love. The HTC Esports website represents our doubling down on that same commitment to fan-first content.

This website will serve as a hub for many of the things you’ve already come to expect from us; tournament landing pages will have their home here, and you’ll be able to view all of the video content that we’ve made and have planned here in one consolidated location as well. Our photos and other media will have their own gallery, so you’ll have a repository of all your favorite Bjergsen or Mang0 photos here as well. But what we’re most excited about is the chance to offer a home for some of the best writing esports has to offer, both on our team and off. You can expect a range of articles here wide both in scope and style; we plan to leave no game untouched, and will have analysis, interviews, player stories, and more. At a time where the landscape of esports journalism is ever shifting, we hope that this website can provide a stable outlet for the many talented writers who deserve to have their work seen.

We want to thank you for being so supportive for the last two years. This website is not only a step forward, but a culmination of our work since we started. We couldn’t have done it without you, and we consider ourselves lucky every time we see a positive comment on a video we make, a tournament we host, and yes, a meme that we post. Here’s to more of the same in the future.